Section 1. Membership

  1. To be admitted in the Association, the applicant must be an employee of a defender organization, a private investigator or other criminal defense oriented professional employed or assigned by a public defender or court appointed counsel, on a full-time basis, whose primary function is the defense of individuals needing the assistance of appointed counsel in a criminal case, and must certify to the Secretary/Treasurer of the Association, and it must appear, that all standards of the Association have been adopted as standards of the individual applicant, and have been substantially adhered to by said applicant.
  2. There shall not be any limit to the number of any class, nor to the total number of members of the Association

Section 2. Classification of Membership:

  1. Regular Members: Persons actively engaged in the investigations for the defense of persons is a full-time investigator in an office whose primary purpose is criminal defense work.
  2. Associate Members: Persons actively engaged in criminal defense work, to include on a part-time basis.
  3. Honorary Members: Persons distinguished for their public service or preeminence in the area of criminal defense.
  4. Retired Members: a ten (10) year Regular Member of the Association, who has retired or resigned from an office engaged in defense investigation.
  5. Inactive Members: Persons who were previously a regular or associate member but no longer meet the qualifications of either classification. Inactive membership expires at the end of five (5) years unless waiver is granted by the Board of Directors.


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