Free Live Webinar regarding Dog Sniff Cases

May 19, 2015

Andy Falco Jimenez will be presenting at our upcoming forensics seminar in Las Vegas this September and he's hosting a "Free" webinar this Friday, May 22, 2015, regarding "Dog Sniff Cases." Mr. Jimenez is one of the leading authorities in the field and this is a great opportunity to allow our membership to get a preview of his up coming presentation.  Please see his message below.

Herbert Duzant,

Conference Chair



From Mr. Jimenez:

I am hosting a FREE LIVE Webinar regarding DOG SNIFF CASES – and perhaps even a bit on Police K9 bite cases.

The information I will be sharing with you comes from many cases I have been working on throughout North America over the last year. So the information is fresh and new!

As much as I thought things would be getting better for law enforcement with regard to effectiveness etc, my cases demonstrate just the opposite. It really is sad to see some of the videos, training records and police reports I have seen lately. I have even been contacted by news networks to watch videos and give my opinion on what I see.

Andy, Poor dog training, dog selection, lack follow through, lack of common sense etc. are just few I issues I observed in the videos. Sticking our head in the sand and ignoring this trend is not a solution and does not address these issues. I believe it is important to look at every case and see what we can do to identify problems if we are going to see any improvement.

During this live webinar I will be discussing things I have seen in my cases that will be helpful to you as you receive your own cases. Some of the issues we discuss will surely jump out at you and possibly help you identify a problem that needs to be examined further.

So please join me on May 22, 2015 at 3pm for this LIVE Webinar opportunity to learn about these important issues AND ASK QUESTIONS LIVE as I go over the facts. There were be some great training videos shown too.

YOU MUST REGISTER to attend this FREE webinar or watch the replay. The replay will ONLY BE AVAILABLE for 48 hours.

Additionally… there will be a certificate of attendance given to you at the end of the webinar if your boss wants proof that you were attending a seminar online.

So just in case you missed it, click here to register for the event.

And please remember to fill out the survey that comes in the welcome message so I know what kind of audience I will be speaking to. This will help me greatly in preparation for the event.

I will see you next Friday!

Andy Falco Jimenez



Andy Falco Jimenez

President Falco K9 Academy