The National Association of Public Defense

Dec 16, 2013

The National Association for Public Defense (NAPD) is a national organization led by the dedicated people in the field who are singularly devoted to promoting the policies and ideals of strong and effective public defense services. NAPD is committed to being relevant to the day to day work of frontline staff who spend their days in courtrooms, investigating cases, answering phones, preparing alternative sentencing plans and the other functions that aid clients directly. NAPD is also committed to being a powerful voice for the public defense community advocating for the right to counsel and appropriately resourced and independent indigent defense systems generally. 

Visit our web page to access
· A blog of original articles by contributors across the country related to the work you do every day.
· A listing of upcoming free webinars – starting on December 13
· Policy Advocacy by NAPD
· Information about how you can become involved
In coming months we will have
· A national password protected wiki devoted to public defense
· Private online forums for public defense staff
Our Facebook page features numerous posts everyday with links to NAPD action and resources and news coverage related to our field. 
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