Investigator Position Opening - Northeast Georgia Regional Capital Defender

Sep 4, 2020

Northeast Georgia Regional Capital Defender

The Office of the Northeast Georgia Regional Capital Defender is accepting applications for the position of Investigator. Our office represents people facing the death penalty at the trial level and is located in Athens, Georgia. Candidates need excellent writing skills, experience interviewing witnesses, proficiency with a wide range of software (DropBox, MS Word, Adobe, etc.), initiative, critical thinking skills, the ability to work independently and with a team, knowledge of or experience requesting records, and a willingness to acquire new skills and knowledge. Though not necessary, ideal candidates will have experience working with capital defense teams, significant exposure to the field of criminal defense, and experience breaking down and digesting complex criminal cases. Investigators are required to collaborate with the defense team to exhaustively investigate all aspects of clients’ cases, prepare cases for trial, and identify avenues toward team case goals. These requirements typically include digesting large volumes of discovery, identifying problems with the State’s evidence and investigation, identifying areas of investigation that have not yet been explored, locating witnesses, interviewing witnesses, meeting with clients, collecting records, aiding in the identification of experts of which consultation is needed, apprising themselves of evolving standards for the reliability of forensic evidence and testing, and preparing and communicating work product and ideas to the capital team. When work travel is deemed safe to resume, this job will require extensive day travel and a decent amount of overnight travel (at times 3 to 5 days a month of overnight travel). You must have a valid driver’s license.

Interested applicants should submit a cover letter explaining why you wish to work in the field of capital defense, a resume with three 3 references, and a State of Georgia Sensitive Position Employment Application, which can be found on the Georgia Public Defender website.

Send applications to Adam Levin at