Jan 16, 2015

The National  Defender Investigator Association  (NDIA)  is  committed  to providing quality educational opportunities to criminal defense investigators and paralegals. In furtherance of that goal, NDIA will provide limited Conference Scholarships. NDIA is accepting applications to its 2015 Conference Assistance Program.  Application deadline for the 2015 National Scholarship is March 1, 2015.
What is the NDIA Conference Scholarship (?) 
NDIA seeks to award a least one per region, but reserves the right to add an additional award as the NDIA determines feasible.   Additional awards per region can be awarded at the discretion of the President. The scholarship covers the conference registration fee   ONLY.  It does not include the cost of travel or hotel room rental.
Who is eligible to apply for the NDIA Conference Scholarship? 
Any current   member in good standing can apply. A qualified applicant is one who has met the criteria for membership and whose dues are paid in full prior the start of the conference.
Criteria and Application Guidelines: 
1. Applicants must certify that they have pursued other funding options and can only attend the conference with the assistance of a scholarship
2. The application will be reviewed by the NDIA Area Director within the region where applicant is located, and the Area Director will then make a recommendation to the President.
3. Applicants will be screened based upon demonstration of financial hardship
4. Applicants  must  agree  to  volunteer  for  a  minimum  of  2  hours  during  the  Annual
Conference, to assistance with registration, host or report on a session
5. Applicants must provide a letter with the application stating why he/she wants to attend the conference, and how they will benefit from the conference.
6. Applicants must certify that s/he plans to attend the conference training, in its entirely, for which s/he received a scholarship
Please contact your area director for any additional information. Contact information can be located at www.ndia.net.  Or, contact Beverly Davidson, Administrative Officer at: nationaldefender@gmail.com