The National Defender Investigator Association (NDIA) is the only national organization to represent a constituency dedicated solely to the investigative arm of indigent defense. NDIA Members include Criminal Defense Investigators, Mitigation Specialists, Paralegals, Social Workers and even some Attorneys.

The NDIA has maintained its leadership role largely through a dedicated membership and volunteer efforts. The Board of Directors is comprised of three General Officers, four Area Directors and a Training Director. The General Officers serve a two-year term and are nominated and elected by the entire membership. The Area Directors serve a two-year term and are nominated and elected by the regional membership. General Officers and Area Directors are elected in alternating years. This election process provides the membership with excellent representation and addresses regional interests and concerns as well.

The NDIA has also established itself as one of the premier national training programs in its conduct of its National and Regional Conferences and most recently, due to COVID-19, our Virtual Summer Series. Some of the foremost authorities in the criminal defense and forensic science fields have taught and lectured for these training vehicles. Many participants have brought this useful information back to their own office’s and shared it with other staff. Many of the information and contacts learned at these seminars have been utilized in the defense of other indigent clients.

The NDIA also has had long established liaisons with the National Legal Aid and Defender Association (NLADA) and the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (NACDL). The NDIA also maintains close contact and liaisons with a number of other Defender Associations and Defender Investigator Associations across the country and has provided input and leadership toward the establishment of these types of organizations in a number of states.

Many members of the NDIA have taught and lectured for a variety of professional criminal defense organizations across the country as well as a number of colleges and universities. Please review our website and join us. It will be worth the experience!