Why Volunteer?

You are an NDIA Member because someone volunteered. Even though you pay dues and conference fees, this organization exists only because there are individuals who willing to dedicate their time and effort to make it happen. These volunteers have a vision for what the world of indigent criminal defense investigations can be. Why not join us and help build a better world for ourselves and our clients?

As Elizabeth Andrew famously states, "Volunteers do not necessarily have the time; they just have the heart." The NDIA trains, informs and engages its members for the higher purpose of defending the marginalized individuals of our society. By the very nature of their jobs and the size of their hearts, our members are known for doing more any given day of the week. Not because they have to, but because they want to. So why not take the next step and consider joining us?


Volunteering Options

Most NDIA Volunteer positions fall within committees. These positions, assignments and time commitments vary widely from committee-to-committee. Some volunteer tasks and assignments require very little time, while others require quite a bit. There is plenty to do within NDIA, so chances are there’s a committee tailored just for you!

NDIA Committees

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NDIA Volunteer Interest or Questions?

Beverly Davidson
NDIA Executive Director
Email: nationaldefender@gmail.com
Phone: (920) 395-2330